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Women Must Earn Extra Degree to Stay Even with Men’s Pay

From our February presenter – Jen Sassman, Wartburg Financial Director:

Women Can’t Win 2018 report – Despite Making Educational Gains and Pursuing High-Wage Majors, Women Still Earn Less than Men – from Georgetown University

Fall 2016 – AAUW “Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap” Report

How Does Iowa Rate in Equal Pay Protection Compared to Other States – strong, moderate, poor, or no pay equal pay protections?  Check out this 2016 chart:  Be sure to scroll down to see what states who are rated “strong” are doing to address the gender pay gap!


State Equal Pay Resource:

Gender Pay Gap By State and Congressional District:

Gender Pay Gap Widens

A Woman’s Most Powerful Salary Negotiation Tool? Silence.

A Single Mom Tries to Exist on $7.50/hour

Women in the Workforce 2015 Report – Corporate America Is Not On a Path to Gender Equality

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out Against Pay Inequity and Need for Better Negotiation Skills

Kids Benefit From Having Working Mom – Research Findings From 24 Countries


My Unfairly Paid Lady – check out this video on pay inequity for women

AAUW – History of Pay Equity Work

What Works – Gender Equality By Design – watch an animated 3-minute video by the Women and Public Policy Program of Harvard Kennedy School exploring the central theme in Iris Bohnet’s What Works: Gender Equality by Design—how re-designing our environments can make big impacts towards gender equality.

Kristen Corey – Iowa Office on the Status of Women – Oct. 15, 2015 presentation at Waverly AAUW meeting:

Pay Inequity presentation – Oct. 15th 2015


The Cost of Leaning In?

AAUW Start Smart Salary Negotiation Program – FAQ’s

Sexism in Sports